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Packaging Materials

At the Protective Packaging Company, we have a variety of materials, heat sealers, box tapes and strap tools available.

We stock shrink film which has a general purpose, making it useful for packaging. Nevertheless, shrink film is advantageous for making packaging look professional.

How does shrink film work?

Shrink film is composed of polymer plastic, once it is heated it has the capability to shrink over the area it is required to cover. At The Protective Packaging Company, we have polyolefin PVC polythene which is durable and multi-layered; ensuring high-clarity and precision. It is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

What is pallet covering?

Do you need to prevent movement and vibration of goods during transportation? This is the most effective method for packaging, especially during the transportation stage. The low-density polyethylene used in our pallet covering is extremely strong and can be used to transport goods on pallets securely and safely.

Retail labels, what are there they?

These are created in order to transfer relevant information that remains intact and professional. Retail labels are used for industrial and retail purposes; they transfer information such as: stock availability and serial numbers. We provide high quality retail labels which are durable and can withstand temperatures of 0°C to 80°C.

Kraft Paper Rolls, are they recyclable?

The Protective Packaging Company’s Kraft paper rolls are 100% recyclable therefore making it the most economical method for packaging. They can also be used for void fill as well a wide range of other uses. Our Kraft paper rolls are useful if you’re looking to improve the image and feel of your products, then our versatile, high strength, high-quality rolls are perfect for you.


Shrink Film

Shrink Film

PVC/Polyolefin/LDPE Films.
Centrefold and Single Wound Sheeting.

Palletwrap Stretch Film & Pallet Covers

Stretch Film & Pallet Covers

Standard Machine/PPS/Black/Hand Rolls/Mini Rolls/Pallet Covers.
All sizes.

Shipper & Retail Labels

Shipper & Retail Labels

Labels from stock and made to order.

Kraft paper rolls

Kraft paper rolls

Sizes/Weights/Styles all from stock.

 Sanstrap Load Stabiliser


Case & printed Tape       Tape Guns & applicators

Case tape


Strapping, Buckles and Seals

Strapping, Buckles and Seals

Alls izes & styles available from stock.





Heat Sealers  Teflon Tape

Heat Sealers

Desk Top & Industrial
Impulse Heat Sealers.

Gummed paper tape dispensing systems

Tape dispensing systems

Manual & Electric Tape Dispnsing Systems

PVC shrink systems

Shipper & Retail Labels

Round wire sealer, Hot air blower & Film Unroller. 400/450/800mm

Polythene Shrink Systems

Polythene Shrink Systems

Kits, Guns, Trollies, Hoses, Regulators & Shrink Roll Dispensers

Glue guns

Glue Guns


12mm Guns, Cordless Guns, Glue Sticks & Nozzles.

Carton stapling

Case tape

Manual, Treadle & Pneumatic. Staples

Edge & corner protectors

Edge protectors

Edge, Corner protectors, Open, Closed & Expanding

Multi function safety cutter

Multi function safety cutters

Cartom opener Ideal for Stretchfilm, Staples & Tape

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