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Strapping Machines

  • Semi Automatic Strapping Machines
  • Fully Automatic Strapping Machines
  • Hand Strapping Tools

We provide a range of case strapping devices that will cover a multitude of solutions to your needs. Our range of commercial securing devices are of the highest quality at a very competitive price.

Our semi automatic strapping machines have a strapping rate of 2.5 seconds per cycle, have a tension of 15 to 45 kgs, and are designed for use on heavy export and large packages. These machines work at low level and are simple to operate. Using a 6 to 15.5 mm strap width, these machines are capable of securing large packages quickly, and securely.

Our fully automatic strapping machine is capable of up to 27 straps per minute, and use strap widths of 9, 12 or 15.5 mm. With minimum effort, our fully automatic machine will strap large volumes of packages safely and securely, and are available with a variety of arch sizes.

We sell a very useful commercial hand tool kit comprising of a 1500 mtr coil of 12 mm strapping on a rugged stand, 12 mm Tensioner, 12mm Sealer and 500 seals. Also available are a range of high quality buckles and seals.

Focused on quality, safety, and economy, our strapping machines are essential to streamline your packaging processes. Whatever you need to secure your products, you are sure to find that we can provide you with the perfect solution at a competitive price.

Semi Automatic

Semi Automatic Case Strappers

A range of reliable semi automatic strapping machines.

Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

Fully automatic strapping machines with a range of arch sizes.

Hand Strapping Tools, Dispensing and Kits

Hand Strapping Tools, Dispensing and Kits

Strapping kits, Combination Tools, Sealers & tensioners.

System Automation strapping

Full range of auto and conveyored systems.

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