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Void Fill Packaging

Whether you are operating a business where you have to pack and ship items to customers or if you’re sending things to a loved one, it’s important that you consider filling the voids in the packaging. The less space that there is for products to move around, the more likely they are to stay intact and in their best condition throughout the shipping process. With the help of paper packaging systems, you’ll have the ability to secure all of the products with air cushions and protective papers.

What is an Air Cushion Machine?

As one of the most essential parts of owning a company that has to pack and ship, it is imperative that you consider buying an air cushion machine as they help to protect your investments. There’s nothing more tedious than receiving a package with items that have been damaged in transit. Air cushion machines are incredibly compact and work quickly to ensure that all of the voids are sufficiently filled. You can also choose recyclable material instead of generic plastic if you want to be environmentally conscious.

What is a Paper Cushion Machine?

Instead of relying on plastic to fill space in your packages, you can also opt for paper. There are a variety of customisation options that you can use with paper packaging systems to ensure that all of the items are wrapped securely inside of the box. You also won’t have to worry about environmentally friendly materials, as the paper is 100% recyclable. Depending on the items that you are working with, you might find a paper packaging machine to be preferable to an air cushion machine.

Void filling machines are used in a variety of industries from pharmaceutical companies to big box retailers. With the help of these materials, you’re able to properly secure the merchandise until the customer receives it.

air cushions

Air Cushions

Compact, High Speed, aircushion machines with market leading delivery. Very quiet, very fast.

paper cushions

Paper Cushions

Protective Paper Packaging.Fast, easy and reliable paper system.

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