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Hand Held heat sealer phs150

Hand Held Heat Sealer

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Hand held heat sealers, for sealing polythene bags and tubing.  Available with crimp seal for sealing celophane, Barrier foil and other laminates.

Pro-seal range

Pro Seal

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Desk top impulse heat sealers.

The Pro-Seal range is perfect where fast, reliable heat sealing is required. 

Simple to operate the Pro-Seal range are able to seal PE, PP, PA and PVC foil, and also thinner double coated materials.

  • Adjustable sealing time for different films.
  • 2.5mm wide seal.
  • Sealing is closed manually

opti-seal Range


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Durable heavy duty industrial sealers.

Integrated magnetic sealing head offers an incredible 5mm heavy duty seal.

Simple to operate the Opti-Seal range are able to seal PE, PP, PA and PVC foil, and also thinner double coated materials.

  • Adjustable sealing and cooling times.
  • Wide range of aplications.
  • Sealing bar opening controlled by gas.

Teflon Sealer Tape 


Product CodePrice
TF12 12mm x 15m£42.58
TF1919mm x 15m£52.58
TF2525mm x 15m£66.58

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Plain Tape 50mm: Adhesive Tapes - Vinyl

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Hand Held Heat Sealer

Product CodeFilmPrice
PHS150   150mm Seal  Up to 2 x 200mu (800g)£77.60
PHS150C 150mm seal with crimp for;  Barrier Foil  Laminate and Cellophane                                Up to 2 x 200mu (800g)£83.80
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Pro Seal Range

Product CodeWidthWeightPrice
C220220mm with cutter3.5£157.88
C320320mm with cutter4.0£175.73
C420420mm with cutter4.5£196.80
C620620mm with cutter5.0£268.59
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Heat Impulse sealers

5mm Heavy Duty Seal

Magnetic Seal head


opti-seal range

Product CodewidthWeightPrice
S420420mm with cutter30.0£574.56
S620620mm with cutter36.0£864.05
S820820mm with cutter42.0£101.45
S10201020mm with cutter48.0£1755.11

Opti-SealWork table, stand, foot pedal & film holder       S420            £380.00

                                                                                                     S620            £420.00

                                                                                                     S820            £495.00

                                                                                                     S1020          £585.00   

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