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Why Hand Wrap When You Can Use a Pallet Wrapping Machine?

The advancement of pallet wrapping machine technology is staggering. Who would have thought that these pieces of machinery, would have the ability to wrap your pallets, from start to finish? The Protective Packaging Company specialise in pallet wrapping systems and we have a great selection of pallet wrapping machines. These include manual, semi-automatic and fully automated systems. Here are 5 Reasons to exchange your hand wrapping system, for a pallet wrapping machine:

  1. Film Cost Savings

How efficiently and effectively can an operator hand wrap a pallet load? The best intentioned employee probably uses too much pallet wrap. The beauty of pallet wrapping machines, is that they can stretch wrap to the optimum amount and in the most efficient way. The total amount of film savings is both measurable and sizeable.

  1. Greatly Increased Speed

We all know that time is money. The speed at which these can operate is impressive, which equals a huge saving on time. No one would argue that pallet wrapping is more efficient than hand wrapping. Many sources estimate that machine speeds are several times faster than hand wrapping, and the overall standard is excellent.

  1. Consistent Professional Packaging

Hand shrink wrapping might look like an easy job, but there are many challenges to achieve an even and professional covering. The tendency of an operator is to go over and over the same area, so that they do not miss anything. This can give an uneven and unsightly appearance, which in turn, can convey an unprofessional company image. All of our machines guarantee a uniform, consistent coverage, due to the inherent technology. In addition to this, our machines have variable tension and speed adjustments.

  1. Excellent Health and Safety Environment

The very nature of manual pallet wrapping, is labour intensive and back-breaking. Common hazards associated with this repetitive procedure includes chronic back, shoulder and wrist pain. The last thing that you want, is for your employees to develop long-term injuries. Our pallet wrapping machines avoid all of these issues and make observing health and safety principles much easier.

  1. Versatility of Application

Our extensive range of pallet machines are incredibly versatile. For small volume production, semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines are an excellent choice. Fully automatic pallet machines have no manual input whatsoever. These are compatible with production lines, when placed strategically. The inbuilt technology means that the stretch wrapper, can identify the exact height of the pallet and then efficiently wrap your load. Some of the functions of the fully-automated systems include stretching the film, wrapping the pallet load, and cutting the stretch film accurately.

We offer a choice of pallet wrappers, which is very comprehensive. Starting with our entry level model, which has semi-automatic and semi-manual operations, represents superb value. Our top end wrappers are fully automated and have over 30 user programs. Our standard load capacity is 2000kg, we can custom build machines tailored to any load capacity.

Whatever it is that you are looking for, we are confident that you will find it on our website.

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