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Pallet Wrapper Styles

Economy Manual & Semi Auto Stretch Wrapper: Entry level stretch wrappers for the low volume user who simply needs to wrap pallets quickly, with convenience, at an affordable price.

Mechanical Band Brake Semi Automatic Pallet wrappers

This level of stretch wrapper applies stretch film to a pallet with tension and/or with mechanical prestretch being applied. Less expensive to purchase, this wrapper get most of its load retention force that keep the load stable for shipment, from tension. Thus unstable or very light loads that are susceptible to crushing are not good applications for this level of machine. However, it is very popular for low volume packaging applications (10-40 pallets a day) where precise holding forces are not required.

Power Prestretch Semi Automatic Pallet wrappers

These operator-controlled wrappers apply much stronger prestretched plastic film to the pallet ensuring a safer stable load.

Although more expensive than non-prestretch equipment, these pallet wrappers make up for it by the film economies associated with the film being stretched.
For 40-200 pallets/day.

What Is Prestretch?

  • Prestretch is the process that allows stretch film to be stretched before (pre) being applied to a load.
  • The film threads past two rollers (Primary and Secondary) in which the second rollers' rotational speed is faster than the first, thus stretching the stretch film between the two.

Why Prestretch?

    As you stretch the film, the tensile strength of the film increases so it is significantly (2X) stronger once you pass the point of permanent deformation.
    The memory of the film wants to return it to its initial form. However the more you prestretch the lower the memory, If the film is applied to a load with no film force, minutes later you can observe that the film has tightened due to the film elastic memory as it tries to return.
    It is this film memory (like an elastic band on your hand) that differentiates stretch film from other means of wrapping, the settling that occurs during shipment can loosen other methods of wrapping where stretch film memory takes up the slack.
    Film Memory and economy are the single most important reason for prestretching film!!!
    The cost of consumables (film) is reduced drastically compared to wrapping a load with film that has not been prestretched ie. Handwrap film.
    Payback of capital expenditure of 6-12 months is easily obtainable.
    Stretching using tension or a brake (post stretching) does not provide uniform stretch and thus is not able to repeat its performance day after day.
    This can lead to intermittent load failures.
    As prestretch is more controllable than post stretch it is typically more desirable to maximize prestretch and minimize post stretch.

How Is Film Prestretched

  • Film is prestretched when it is elongated mechanically between the two, motor driven, film carriage rollers due to the gearing ratio and diameter of the rollers. As the surface of the secondary roller is rotating faster than the Primary the film gets pulled between them and stretches.
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