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7 Industries That Use Stretch Wrapping and Pallet Wrappers

Stretch wrapping and pallet wrappers are absolutely vital in a vast array of industries, ensuring the safety and hygiene of the products that are due to be transported, following their covering in protective wrapping.

Here at The Protective Packaging Company, we have been working with stretch wrappers and pallet wrappers for years, meaning we know a thing or two about the most important applications when it comes to pallet wrappers and stretch wrappers so we thought wed give you a run-down of some of the most popular industries:


Whether its big 2ltr bottles of Coke, or wide pallets full of water bottles for on the go; pallet wrappers and stretch wrappers are the secret behind their safe transit. Keeping all the bottles together without having to waste space with individual boxes to separate each set, beverage wrap ensures nothing gets too fizzy on its way to the supermarket to be sold!


Keeping metal unharmed whilst in transit can be a difficult job especially when travelling through climates and atmospheres rain and impact can rust and ruin its finish if its exposed to the elements.


One of the most perishable of goods that endures arguably some of the longest transit (when it comes to international foods), its vital that food is properly wrapped by a pallet wrapper and stretch wrapping. If not, it will rot and be unfit for sale.

Block and Pavement Slabs

Granted, pavement slabs and bricks will be subjected to many a harsh environment once theyre implemented into the building work they were ordered for, but ensuring that they arrive at the building site in the best possible condition without toppling off the sides and causing an accident is something that ought to be taken very seriously.

Bagged Products

Whilst they may already be technically protected from the elements, bagged products need to be held together to ensure that they dont slide or roll off each other whilst being transported.

Corrugated Products

These products must be stretch wrapped to ensure that nothing gets into the material and damages its integrity on the move. This is a delicate procedure in order to make sure the shape of the corrugated product doesnt get altered in the wrapping process.

General Distribution

If it needs transporting; the likelihood is that itll need stretch wrapping or a pallet wrapper before it leaves the depot. This is what makes our product line so popular: everybody in a manufacture/supply business needs one!

As you can see, there are many industries and organisations that benefit from the use of stretch wrappers and pallet wrappers, so its now simply a question of how can we help you with your own products in need of protection in transit? Here at The Protective Packaging Company, our team are always on hand to offer information and guidance.

Contact us today to discover how we can get you started with a pallet wrapper or stretch wrapper, ensuring that your precious cargo gets from A-to-B without any chance of jeopardy.

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