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Choosing the Right Vantage Model of Pallet Wrapper for Your Company

A solid investment for any factory or business owner who needs to send out products in large quantities, pallet wrappers are integral to the process of getting shipments from a-to-b without damage or worry. Our selection of pallet wrappers here at The Protective Packaging Company have something to offer to every discernible company owner.

With today’s blog post, we’ve decided to run you through the 4 main types of Vantage pallet wrapper available here at The Protective Packaging Company. With our years of experience within the industry, we are adept at uniting companies with the ideal configuration of pallet wrapper for their individual requirements.

Vantage T Pallet Wrapper – A Great Value All-rounder

If you’re looking for an entry level pallet wrapper for your factory to make the process of packaging run smoother, look no further than the Vantage T pallet wrapper. With a turntable size of 1650mm, wrapping height of 2200mm and loading weight of 1200kg, it’s the ideal starter pallet wrapper for companies with low to medium packaging requirements.


  • Chain turntable rotation system
  • Adjustable rotation speed (3 to 12 RPM)
  • Soft start/stop functioning
  • Turntable home position (returns to home position at end of cycle)
  • Photocell for wrapping height detection
  • 3 programmable settings
  • Control panel can be locked to increase security/safety
  • Choice of up/down wrap or up-only wrap
  • Reinforcing operation
  • Choice of semi-automatic or semi-manual operation
  • Acoustic warning sound at beginning and end of pallet wrapper cycle
  • Band brake film device

Vantage C Pallet Wrapper – Advanced Pallet Wrapping Functions

Whilst it has the same size and weight capacities as the Vantage T, the Vantage C pallet wrapper has a number of extra functions that cannot be found on the value model.

Extra Specifications:

  • Six saveable programmes to the Vantage T’s three
  • Waterproof top cover wrap option
  • Time delay programming, allowing for additional processes to be completed (e.g. label application and corner protection)

Vantage P - Semi-Automatic Stretch-Wrapper

The Vantage P pallet wrapper is known for its space-saving qualities and for being within the family of semi automatic pallet wrappers, with a low turntable that allows for a shortened ramp – thus saving space within your factory or warehouse.


  • Chain turntable rotation system
  • Adjustable rotation speed (4 – 12 RPM)
  • Soft start/stop functioning
  • Turntable home position
  • Photocell for wrapping height detection
  • 32 saveable programmes

Vantage B – The Ultimate Pallet Wrapper

Despite being the same size as the other three pallet wrappers within the range, the Vantage B offers a number of impressive functions that cannot be found with the other models.


  • Five different wrapping styles to choose from
  • Strengthening operation
  • 32 end user programmes available

Contact us here at The Protective Packaging Company today and allow us to match you with the ideal model of pallet wrapper from our Vantage range. Our team will be more than happy to discuss the output of your company and advise on the best possible purchase for you.

If you’ve any queries regarding any of the models of pallet wrappers for sale on the website, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email.

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