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Five Reasons to Use Pallet Wrappers

Pallet wrap is an incredibly stretchable, durable plastic film that can be wrapped around items in order to keep them as tightly bound as possible. This is particularly useful when it is required to bind multiple items together which that stacked and often large and bulky, but it can also be useful for smaller items. Today, we are going to cover some of the benefits of pallet wrappers and outline five reasons why you should use pallet wrappers in your business.

Fast Wrapping

Due to the semi-automatic and fully-automatic processes, pallet wrappers can wrap your items quickly and efficiently. They have been proven to allow operatives to complete each job around 70% faster than alternative methods such as shrink wrapping. By saving all this time, it improves the speed of your production line overall. It does this due to its specially designed features, such as the use of photocells that are able to detect the wrapping height limit of your items.

Saving Money

As well as saving you time, it also saves you money. The speed of this method directly correlates to the savings you get, where it has been evidenced to save companies around 60% of production costs overall due to both the speed and the levels of wastage.

Extra Security

Itís no secret that the reasons why companies need to use such types of wrapping systems are due to the need to secure items. By using pallet wrappers, they offer great security when it comes to load containment. Compared to items that are contained through heat shrinking processes, items have often been found to be more secure through the use of pallet wrapping using the machines such as those supplied here at The Protective Packaging Company.

Waste Reduction

Yet again, the semi-automatic and fully-automatic nature of these pallet wrapper machines means that only the exact amount of wrapping material is used in order to secure each pallet effectively. As a result, this drives down the amount of consumable wastage. As stated previously, this also relates to your company economics, reducing the costs when it comes to buying the wrapping material itself.

Health and Safety

Finally, using pallet wrap systems can actually improve the health and safety, really making it the best choice when it comes to the care of your operatives. When compared to the alternative method, where staff need to bend down to remove pallet shrink guns, accidently resulting in burns, the machines stocked at The Protective Packaging Company eliminates this element of risk to health and safety standards. The semi-automatic and fully-automatic system means that this action isnít necessary.

At The Protective Packaging Company, we stock three types of pallet wrapping machines, including semi-automatic, fully-automatic, and a mobile version. One thing is certain, and that is that whatever application you require a wrapping system for, this is the way forward.

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